Richard Diamond, Private Detective

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Dick Powell was known as a boyish crooner in movie musicals such as “42nd Street”, “Footlight Parade”, “Gold Diggers of 1933”, and “On the Avenue”, often appearing opposite Ruby Keeler and Joan Blondell. Powell desperately wanted to expand his range and in 1944 he found himself cast in the first of a series of film noir, as Private Detective Philip Marlowe in "Murder, My Sweet" directed by Edward Dmytryk. The film was a big hit and Dick Powell had successfully reinvented himself as a dramatic actor. On radio, Powell had a few short stints as gumshoe Richard Rogue in “Rogues Gallery” (1945-1946) and Reporter Hildy Johnson on “Front Page” (1948). A young screenwriter, Blake Edwards (later the creator, writer and director of the “Pink Panther” series) was assigned to create a character for Dick Powell's next series "Richard Diamond, Private Detective". Diamond was an ex-cop with a rather light-hearted attitude and a sharp wit. The episodes often ended with Diamond singing to his girlfriend, Helen. The show was very unique in the way it often balanced light comedy with heavy drama.


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Richard Diamond Volume One
DISC 01 1949-05-15 Ralph Chase Case / 1949-05-22 The Stolen Purse
DISC 02 1949-05-29 The Betty Moran Case / 1949-06-19 The Fred Sears Case
DISC 03 1949-06-26 Tom Waxman Union Leader / 1949-07-02 The Bloody Hat Case
DISC 04 1949-07-09 Charles Walsh And Bob Wells / 1949-07-16 The Man Who Hated Women
DISC 05 1949-07-23 The Martin Hyer Case / 1949-08-06 Lynn Knight Wants Protection
DISC 06 1949-08-20 Jean Cooper Murder Case / 1949-08-27 The Eddie Garrett Case
DISC 07 1949-09-03 The Mrs. William Baker Case / 1949-09-10 The Van Dyke Seance Case
DISC 08 1949-09-17 Jerome J. Jerome Bodyguard / 1949-09-24 $200,000 Loot Secret Plans
DISC 09 1949-10-08 The Leland Gibson Murder / 1949-10-15 The Counterfeit Racket
DISC 10 1949-10-22 Rene Bennet Protection Case / 1949-10-29 Bill Kirby Murder Case
DISC 11 1949-11-05 The Singing Critic / 1949-11-12 $50,000 Diamond Heist
DISC 12 1949-11-19 Jacoby Is Back in Town / 1949-11-26 William Carter and Helena
DISC 13 1949-12-03 Leland Leeds And The King Tut Idol / 1949-12-10 Haunted House
DISC 14 1949-12-17 The Yo Yo John Blackwell Case / 1949-12-24 A Christmas Carol
DISC 15 1949-12-31 Thomas Jason Case / 1950-01-07 Butchers And Protection Racket
DISC 16 1950-01-15 Doug Saxon / 1950-01-22 Paul Jarvis Missing
DISC 17 1950-02-05 Timothy The Seal / 1950-02-12 Elaine Tanner
DISC 18 1950-02-19 Jewel Thief Wells / 1950-02-26 Cop Is Killed
DISC 19 1950-03-05 Louis Spence Mad Bomber / 1950-03-12 The Joyce Wallace Case
DISC 20 1950-03-19 Private Eye Test / 1950-03-26 The Missing Negative