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Listing of "Cisco Kid-05"

Title Show Date File Size
57 shows some encoded at the Higher Quality of 128kbps. ---
Cisco Kid 1955 Hot - Headed Sheepherder.m ---
Cisco Kid 1955 Silverton Swindle.m ---
Cisco Kid 1955 Stagecoach Race Skeleton Bend.m ---
Cisco Kid 1955 Uncle Noah's Ark.m ---
Cisco Kid 1955 War in the Pecos Valley.m ---
Cisco Kid - Gold At Bitter Creek.m Jan 25, 1955 (Tuesday)
Cisco Kid - The Cattle Train.m Jan 27, 1955 (Thursday)
Cisco Kid - Murder At Pine Creek.m Feb 1, 1955 (Tuesday)
Cisco Kid - Midget Of Broken Spur.m Feb 3, 1955 (Thursday)
Cisco Kid - The Hour of Terror.m Nov 11, 1955 (Friday)
Cisco Kid A Part for Sheriff Fanton.m ---
Cisco Kid Battle Of Border Island.m ---
Cisco Kid Battle Of Wagon Box Corral.m ---
Cisco Kid Border Justice ---
Cisco Kid Bunk Mc Donald ---
Cisco Kid Butterfield Overland Mail.m ---
Cisco Kid Dancing Master ---
Cisco Kid Dead Man S Gold ---
Cisco Kid Divining Rod Of Michael O' Flaherty.m ---
Cisco Kid Double Cross Gila Bend.m ---
Cisco Kid Dynamite At Cimeron.m ---
Cisco Kid Dynamite On The Right Of Way.m ---
Cisco Kid e0275 Terror ---
Cisco Kid e0276 Murder At Red Clay Bend.m ---
Cisco Kid Emerald Of The Aztecs.m ---
Cisco Kid Flagstaff Diamonds.m ---
Cisco Kid Fresno Fire ---
Cisco Kid Gila Stallion ---
Cisco Kid Gold In The Conestoga.m ---
Cisco Kid Gun Slinger ---
Cisco Kid Hermit Of Tall Tree Mt.m ---
Cisco Kid Hook Murders ---
Cisco Kid Horse Race At Fort Sumter.m ---
Cisco Kid Jealous Brother Wants Ranch.m ---
Cisco Kid Johnson County Raid.m ---
Cisco Kid Judge Colt's Law.m ---
Cisco Kid Law Of The Dead ---
Cisco Kid Lightning Of The Draw.m ---
Cisco Kid Man Hunt ---
Cisco Kid Marshall o F Gold Field.m ---
Cisco Kid Medal For Marksmanship.m ---
Cisco Kid Montana Guns ---
Cisco Kid Morbid Jones And The Water Rights.m ---
Cisco Kid Opera In Albuquerque.m ---
Cisco Kid Pancho Escapes ---
Cisco Kid Phinnesse Boys ---
Cisco Kid Ring Con ---
Cisco Kid Run On Oklahoma Lands.m ---
Cisco Kid Senor Bull Frog ---
Cisco Kid Silk Hat Herbert ---
Cisco Kid Swindle At Steamboat Springs.m ---
Cisco Kid Trail to Wyoming.m ---
Cisco Kid Trap of Many Teeth.m ---
Cisco Kid Waters of the Placid.m ---
Cisco Kid Westward To St Jo.m ---
Cisco Kid When Killers Ecsaped.m ---
Cisco Kid Wild Horse Hunt ---

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