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Listing of "Claudia-01"

Title Show Date File Size
41 Fifteen minute soap opera with a different tone.m ---
Newlyweds Claudia and David Naughton's day to day life of common situations and conversation.m ---
Not reliant on cliffhangers it is a well written program with interesting, fully developed characters.m ---
Claudia - e0000 Claudia [ Audition](LQ Scratchy).m ---
Claudia - e0001 Meet the Naughton's.m Sep 29, 1947 (Monday)
Claudia - e0002 Let Them Eat Cake.m Sep 30, 1947 (Tuesday)
Claudia - e0003 The Wedding Presents.m Oct 1, 1947 (Wednesday)
Claudia - e0004 Many Happy Returns.m Oct 2, 1947 (Thursday)
Claudia - e0005 The New Apartment.m Oct 3, 1947 (Friday)
Claudia - e0006 It's a Lock.m Oct 6, 1947 (Monday)
Claudia - e0007 Introspection.m Oct 7, 1947 (Tuesday)
Claudia - e0008 Mama's Early Birthday.m Oct 8, 1947 (Wednesday)
Claudia - e0009 Claudia Worries.m Oct 9, 1947 (Thursday)
Claudia - e0010 Moving Day.m Oct 10, 1947 (Friday)
Claudia - e0011 Claudia Ruins Breakfast, and David's Socks.m Oct 13, 1947 (Monday)
Claudia - e0012 Claudia Buys a Huge Monster of a Dog.m Oct 14, 1947 (Tuesday)
Claudia - e0013 After Nearly Wrecking the Apartment, the Dog's Former Owner Asks for Him.m Oct 15, 1947 (Wednesday)
Claudia - e0014 There's Steak for Dinner Tonight.m Oct 16, 1947 (Thursday)
Claudia - e0015 Dinner Plans.m Oct 17, 1947 (Friday)
Claudia - e0016 The Salmon Mousse.m Oct 20, 1947 (Monday)
Claudia - e0017 Return of the Wedding Presents.m Oct 21, 1947 (Tuesday)
Claudia - e0018 The Leaky Faucet.m Oct 22, 1947 (Wednesday)
Claudia - e0019 The Beginning of Our Home.m Oct 23, 1947 (Thursday)
Claudia - e0020 Family Finances.m Oct 24, 1947 (Friday)
Claudia - e0021 The New Car.m Oct 27, 1947 (Monday)
Claudia - e0022 The Driver's Test.m Oct 28, 1947 (Tuesday)
Claudia - e0023 Stranded in Connecticut After Claudia Forgets to Fill the Gas Tank.m Oct 29, 1947 (Wednesday)
Claudia - e0024 David's Shirt.m Oct 30, 1947 (Thursday)
Claudia - e0025 Trying to Iron a Shirt, Claudia Burns It and Blows a Fuse.m Oct 31, 1947 (Friday)
Claudia - e0026 Driving Downtown.m Nov 3, 1947 (Monday)
Claudia - e0027 David Is Given a Beautiful Ming Statuette.m Nov 4, 1947 (Tuesday)
Claudia - e0028 After a Visit to the Zoo, the Ming Meets His Ancestors.m Nov 5, 1947 (Wednesday)
Claudia - e0029 To Avoid a Parking Ticket, David Buys an Engagement Ring.m Nov 6, 1947 (Thursday)
Claudia - e0030 After the Dishes.m Nov 7, 1947 (Friday)
Claudia - e0031 David's Cold.m Nov 10, 1947 (Monday)
Claudia - e0032 Apartment Hunting and Memories of War.m Nov 11, 1947 (Tuesday)
Claudia - e0033 The Nurse Gets a Kitten Surrogate.m Nov 12, 1947 (Wednesday)
Claudia - e0034 A Feline Fever.m Nov 13, 1947 (Thursday)
Claudia - e0035 A Stolen Car Wrapped in Red Tape.m Nov 14, 1947 (Friday)
Claudia - e0036 A Cat-astrophe.m Nov 17, 1947 (Monday)
Claudia - e0037 David's Rich Brother.m Nov 18, 1947 (Tuesday)
Claudia - e0038 A Visit to the Opera.m Nov 19, 1947 (Wednesday)
Claudia - e0039 It's Donald Duck Vs Tristan and Isolde.m Nov 20, 1947 (Thursday)
Claudia - e0040 A Neighbor's Tragedy Means a New Apartment Nov 21, 1947 (Friday)

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