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Listing of "Collection Drama-05"

Title Show Date File Size
A collection of the rare anthology dramas.m ---
47 files a few encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128kbps.m ---
Night Cap Yarns - The Professor Goes to the Museum.m Mar 27, 1939 (Monday)
Night Cap Yarns - Cactus Has a Heart.m Mar 29, 1939 (Wednesday)
Night Cap Yarns - Salute the Major.m Apr 26, 1939 (Wednesday)
Night Cap Yarns - Close Shave.m Apr 27, 1939 (Thursday)
Night Cap Yarns - Gift of Freedom.m Jan 30, 1940 (Tuesday)
O Henry Playhouse He Also Serves.m ---
O Henry Playhouse Mrs. Parker's Rooming House.m ---
Palmolive Beauty Box Theater - Student Prince.m Jan 27, 1937 (Wednesday)
Palmolive Beauty Box Theater - Countess Maritza.m Feb 10, 1937 (Wednesday)
Palmolive Beauty Box Theater - Chocolate Soldier.m Apr 14, 1937 (Wednesday)
Palmolive Beauty Box Theater - Lady in Ermine.m Apr 28, 1937 (Wednesday)
Palmolive Beauty Box Theater - Eileen.m May 12, 1937 (Wednesday)
Palmolive Beauty Box Theater - The Only Girl.m Jun 2, 1937 (Wednesday)
Playhouse90 Winston Churchill Memory of a Great Man.m ---
Radio Guild - Back Number Up.m May 7, 1939 (Sunday)
Radio Guild - Man Who Was Tomorrow.m May 14, 1939 (Sunday)
Radio Guild - Towers Of Hate.m Jun 4, 1939 (Sunday)
Radio Guild - Ineffable Essence Of Nothing.m Apr 13, 1940 (Saturday)
Radio Novel It Runs Downhill 1940's.m ---
Raymond Paige Show - No Respect For a Lady.m Jun 17, 1947 (Tuesday)
Raymond Paige Show - Watch Dog.m Sep 17, 1948 (Friday)
Roy Shield And Company - Nelson Olmsted Reads The Raven.m Feb 16, 1942 (Monday)
San Francisco Final - Chinatown.m Jul 26, 1954 (Monday)
Shakespeare Cycle - e002 Much Ado About Nothing.m Jul 19, 1937 (Monday)
Shakespeare Cycle - e003 Julius Caesar.m Jul 26, 1937 (Monday)
Shakespeare Cycle - e004 The Taming of the Shrew.m Aug 2, 1937 (Monday)
Shakespeare Cycle - e007 Henry IV.m Aug 23, 1937 (Monday)
Shakespeare Cycle - e008 Twelfth Night.m Aug 30, 1937 (Monday)
Shell Theater Of The Air - Girl in the Picture.m Sep 30, 1969 (Tuesday)
Shell Theater Of The Air Crown Prince.m ---
Shell Theater Of The Air Easy Money.m ---
Showcase - Take It From Here.m Apr 24, 1954 (Saturday)
Showcase - Pussycat, Pussycat.m May 22, 1954 (Saturday)
Showcase - The Chain.m Sep 11, 1954 (Saturday)
Showcase - Velvet Johnnie.m Oct 9, 1954 (Saturday)
Showcase - Mr. Leadbetter's Vacation.m Oct 16, 1954 (Saturday)
Showtime - AFRS 296 Alexander's Ragtime Band.m Apr 7, 1947 (Monday)
Showtime - Blossom Time.m Jan 24, 1949 (Monday)
Skippy's Hollywood Theater e0218 Murder Deferred.m ---
Skippy's Hollywood Theater e0358 High Polish.m ---
Skippys Hollywood Theater e0359 Angelica.m ---
Skippys Hollywood Theater e0386 Mr God Johnson.m ---
Skippys Hollywood Theater e0387 The Terrible Meek.m ---
Soundstage for Joan Crawford 470908 mildred pierce.m ---
Special Words Of Shakespeare The Voice Of John Barrymore.m ---
Spotlight Playhouse - Genius From Hoboken.m Mar 21, 1946 (Thursday)
Stage Forty Seven 1947 e0033 Thirty-nine Steps ---

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