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Listing of "Electric General Electric And Encore Theater"

Title Show Date File Size
Electric Theater starred Helen Hayes in dramatic plays by great playwrights and authors of short stories.m ---
Encore Theater was based on real life stories in the medical field with famous stars.m ---
General Electric Theater was a great anthology drama with famous stars.m ---
25 shows all encoded at the higher quality of 128kbps.m ---
Electric Theater - Victoria Regina w/Helen Hayes.m Nov 14, 1948 (Sunday)
Electric Theater - Sobbin Women w/Helen Hayes.m Nov 21, 1948 (Sunday)
Electric Theater - No Room for Peter Pan w/Helen Hayes.m May 8, 1949 (Sunday)
Encore Theater - Magnificent Obsession w/Cornel Wilde.m Jun 4, 1946 (Tuesday)
Encore Theater - Life Of Louis Pasteur w/Paul Lukas.m Jun 11, 1946 (Tuesday)
Encore Theater - Yellowjack w/Ronald Colman.m Jun 18, 1946 (Tuesday)
Encore Theater - Green Light w/Robert Young.m Jun 25, 1946 (Tuesday)
Encore Theater - Man In White w/Robert Taylor.m Jul 2, 1946 (Tuesday)
Encore Theater - White Angel w/Virginia Bruce.m Jul 9, 1946 (Tuesday)
Encore Theater - Now Voyager w/Maureen O Sullivan.m Jul 16, 1946 (Tuesday)
Encore Theater - Dr Eurlich's Magic Bullet w/Charles Bickford.m Jul 23, 1946 (Tuesday)
Encore Theater - Dark Victory w/Susan Peters And Franchot Tone.m Jul 30, 1946 (Tuesday)
Encore Theater - Man To Remember w/Lionel Barrymore.m Aug 5, 1946 (Monday)
Encore Theater - Prisoner Of Shark Island w/Zachary Scott.m Aug 13, 1946 (Tuesday)
Encore Theater - Nurse Edith Cavell w/Ida Lupino.m Aug 20, 1946 (Tuesday)
Encore Theater - Disputed Passage w/Dennis O Keefe.m Aug 27, 1946 (Tuesday)
GE Summer Theater - [ Audition] The Token w/Dana Andrews.m Jan 18, 1953 (Sunday)
GE Summer Theater - Penny Serenade w/Irene Dunne.m Jul 23, 1953 (Thursday)
GE Theater - e001 Random Harvest w/R Colman, B Hume.m Jul 9, 1953 (Thursday)
GE Theater - The Virginian w/William Holden.m Aug 13, 1953 (Thursday)
GE Theater - Sometime Every Summertime w/Dorothy Mc Guire.m Aug 27, 1953 (Thursday)
GE Theater - State Fair w/Ann Blyth.m Sep 10, 1953 (Thursday)
GE Theater - Cyrano De Bergerac w/James And Pamela Mason.m Sep 17, 1953 (Thursday)
GE Theater - Enchanted Cottage w/Joan Fontaine.m Sep 24, 1953 (Thursday)
GE Theater - Old Man's Bride w/Van Johnson.m Oct 1, 1953 (Thursday)

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