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Listing of "High Adventure-03"

Title Show Date File Size
4 different series all titled High Adventure 22 shows on this disc 84 in all 4 discs.m ---
1947 to 1949 was on Mutual 1950 on NBC and they were anthologies of adventure stories.m ---
1953 to 1954 was a MUTU Al series with George Saunders.m ---
The rest are the South African Adventure Series.m ---
All at the higher quality encodes of 128kbps.m ---
High Adventure 1970s On the Roof of the World.m ---
High Adventure 1970s Operation Guinea Pig.m ---
High Adventure 1970s Shock Tactics.m ---
High Adventure 1970s Steamboat Down the Irawadi.m ---
High Adventure 1970s The Amateur.m ---
High Adventure 1970s The City of Gold.m ---
High Adventure 1970s The End of the Road.m ---
High Adventure 1970s The Homing Pigeon.m ---
High Adventure 1970s The Interrogators.m ---
High Adventure 1970s The Killing off Edgeware Road.m ---
High Adventure 1970s The One Man Boarding Party.m ---
High Adventure 1970s The Ship of Death.m ---
High Adventure 1970s The Tomb of Kai - Shan [ Final Episode].m ---
High Adventure 1970s Twenty Fathoms Deep.m ---
High Adventure 1970s Whirlpool.m ---
High Adventure 1970s Wings of Gold.m ---
High Adventure 1970s You Cant Pray with One Hand.m ---
High Adventure 1970s You Can't Win Them All.m ---
High Adventure - Madness in the Air.m Jan 11, 1973 (Thursday)
High Adventure - The Man Who Couldn't Change.m Jan 18, 1973 (Thursday)
High Adventure - Assignment in Moscow.m Jun 12, 1973 (Tuesday)
High Adventure - Where Do We Find Such Men.m Oct 29, 1973 (Monday)

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