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Listing of "Holiday New Years-02"

Title Show Date File Size
36 New Years Themed Shows some encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128 kbps.m ---
Great Gildersleeve - New Year's Eve With Peavey.m Dec 31, 1952 (Wednesday)
Great Gildersleeve - New Year's Eve With Irene.m Dec 30, 1953 (Wednesday)
Gunsmoke - Puckett's New Year.m Jan 1, 1956 (Sunday)
Hawaii Calls - Happy New Year.m Dec 29, 1949 (Thursday)
Honest Harold - New Year's Dance.m Dec 27, 1950 (Wednesday)
It Pays To Be Ignorant - New Years Resolution.m Dec 29, 1944 (Friday)
Jack Benny - No New Year's Eve Date for Jack.m Dec 31, 1939 (Sunday)
Jack Benny - New Year's Eve Party At The Biltmore Bowl.m Jan 4, 1942 (Sunday)
Jack Benny - New Years Eve Skit w/Fred Allen.m Dec 27, 1942 (Sunday)
Jack Benny - Annual New Year's Eve Play.m Jan 2, 1944 (Sunday)
Jack Benny - New Year's Fantasy.m Dec 31, 1950 (Sunday)
Life Of Riley - Riley Invites Himself To Boss' New Years.m Dec 31, 1948 (Friday)
Life With Luigi - New Year's Phone Call.m Dec 27, 1949 (Tuesday)
Lum And Abner - Lums New Year Resolution.m Jan 1, 1940 (Monday)
Maxwell House - Last Years Christmas Bills.m Jan 9, 1947 (Thursday)
Milton Berle - New Years Show.m Dec 30, 1947 (Tuesday)
Milton Berle - Salute To New Years.m Dec 29, 1948 (Wednesday)
Mysterious Traveler - New Years Nightmare.m Jan 5, 1947 (Sunday)
New Years Dancing Party - Chuck Foster Orchestra.m Jan 1, 1960 (Friday)
Our Miss Brooks - Babysitting On New Year's Eve.m Jan 1, 1950 (Sunday)
Point Sublime - New Year s Eve Show.m Dec 29, 1947 (Monday)
Quiet Please - Rain On New Year's Eve.m Dec 29, 1947 (Monday)
Radio Hall Of Fame - New Years Party - Fred Allen - Etc.m Dec 31, 1943 (Friday)
Red Skelton - Bells And Resolutions w/Red Skelton.m Jan 1, 1946 (Tuesday)
Red Skelton - A G.I. Joe Remembers New Year's Eve.m Dec 31, 1948 (Friday)
Red Skelton - A New Years Puzzle.m Dec 31, 1950 (Sunday)
Red Skelton - New Years Willie Is Missing.m Jan 2, 1952 (Wednesday)
Roy Rogers - Prison Break New Years( Corky Lewis).m Jan 1, 1953 (Thursday)
Sealtest Variety Thr - New Years w/L Barrymore And G Moore.m Dec 30, 1948 (Thursday)
Sherlock Holmes - New Years Eve Off Scilly Isles.m Dec 28, 1947 (Sunday)
Suspense - Russian New Year w/Helmut Dantine.m Jan 13, 1957 (Sunday)
Suspense - Thirty Seconf Of December w/Frank Lovejoy.m Dec 28, 1958 (Sunday)
Swing Around The Clock - AFRS New Year.m Dec 31, 1944 (Sunday)
Whistler - Next Year Is Mine.m Dec 23, 1946 (Monday)
Whistler - The First Year.m Dec 31, 1947 (Wednesday)
Wild Bill Hickok - e274 Happy New Year( Last Show).m Dec 31, 1954 (Friday)

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