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Listing of "Mail Call-01"

Title Show Date File Size
A program produced specifically your the troops with famous stars hosting the program. ---
35 shows many recorded at the higher quality of 64 and 128kbps. ---
Entire 2 disc collection includes 67 shows. ---
Mail Call - e0011 Betty Rhodes Bing Crosby Fred Astai. Nov 4, 1942 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0012 Bob Burns Dinah Shore George Montgo. Nov 11, 1942 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0019 Groucho Marx Betty Grable Judy Ga. Jan 9, 1943 (Saturday)
Mail Call - e0031 Claire Trevor Connie Haines Edgar B. Mar 31, 1943 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0032 Lionel Barrymore Frances Langford P. Apr 7, 1943 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0044 George Jessel Mary Lee Paulette G. Jun 30, 1943 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0046 Edward G Robinson Dick Powell Mar. Jul 15, 1943 (Thursday)
Mail Call - e0053 Groucho Marx Irene Manning Paulet. Aug 26, 1943 (Thursday)
Mail Call - e0058 L Barrymore Baby Snooks D Day. Sep 30, 1943 (Thursday)
Mail Call - e0061 Bing Crosby Nora Lou Martin Frank M. Oct 20, 1943 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0062 Betty Grable Carlos Ramirez Fibber. Oct 27, 1943 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0066 Laurel and Hardy. Nov 24, 1943 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0068 Al Pearce Eddie Anderson Janet Bla. Dec 8, 1943 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0072 Jack Benny Judy Garland Johnny Me. Jan 5, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0073 Bing Crosby Skinnay Ennis Dorothy Lamour. Jan 12, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0077 Adolphe Menjou Williams Brothers Ir. Feb 9, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0078 Dedicated to Washington B Crosby C Boswell. Feb 16, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0079 Lum n Abner Jerry Cooper Judy Canov. Feb 23, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0081 Dedicated to Pennsylvania L Barrymoore E Cantor. Mar 8, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0088 w/ Ed Gardner. Apr 26, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0089 Jennifer Jones Davis Street Kathryn. May 3, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0090 Frances Langford Judy Canova Jerry. May 10, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0091 Judy Garland Jimmy Durante Bing C. May 17, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0093 Paulette Goddard WC Fields Virgini. May 24, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0097 Joan Blondell James Melton Marilyn. Jun 21, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0098 Herbert Marshall Marjorie Main Glor. Jun 28, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0102 Tribute to Hawaii Bing Crosby Bettie Grable. Jul 26, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0103 Tribute to Canada Norma Shearer ( Drop Out). Aug 2, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0104 Tribute to Maine F Sinatra R Valee F Allen. Aug 9, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0106 Jeanette Mac Donald Nelson Eddy Bu. Aug 23, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0109 Garry Moore Louise Albritton Marily. Sep 13, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0110 Don Ameche Joe Besser Nancy Walker. Sep 20, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0111 Ginny Simms Johnny Mercer Jo Staf. Sep 27, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0112 Kay Kyser Georgia Gibbs Kathryn Gra. Oct 5, 1944 (Thursday)
Mail Call - e0115 Tallulah Bankhead Danny Kaye Ethel. Oct 25, 1944 (Wednesday)

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