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Listing of "Mail Call-02"

Title Show Date File Size
A program produced specifically your the troops with famous stars hosting the program. ---
32 shows many recorded at the higher quality of 64 and 128kbps. ---
Entire 2 disc collection includes 67 shows. ---
Mail Call 1940s Janis Paige. ---
Mail Call - e0120 Bing Crosby Rise Stevens Garry Mo. Nov 22, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0125 Dinah Shore Carlos Ramirez Jimmy. Dec 27, 1944 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0126 Guest Ann Rutherford Johnny Merc. Jan 10, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0127 Groucho Marx Robert Benchley Ida. Jan 17, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0128 Bing Crosby Lauritz Melchior Cass. Jan 24, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0129 June Allyson Harriet Hilliard Ozzie Nelson. Jan 31, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0132 (record date)D Shore D Lamour King Cole Trio. Feb 1, 1945 (Thursday)
Mail Call - e0130 Edgar Bergen Ingrid Bergman. Feb 7, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0131 Don Ameche Marguerite Chapman Bobbi. Feb 14, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0133 Frances Langford. Feb 21, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0134 Dick Haymes King Sisters Jimmy Du. Feb 28, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0135 J Benny P Goddard C Colbert. Mar 7, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0136 Nelson Eddy. Mar 14, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0137 Frank Morgan Burns and Allen Harpo. Mar 21, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0138 B Crosby Betty Davis J Benny. Mar 28, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0139 Jack Carson. Apr 4, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0140 Judy Garland. Apr 11, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0141 Ginny Simms Robert Benchley Gilde. Apr 18, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0142 Betty Hutton. Apr 25, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0143 Bob Hope Clark Gable Margaret O'B. May 2, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0145 Betty Grable George Jessel Mills. May 16, 1945 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0188 G Marx K Baker K Grayson Les Paul Trio. Mar 27, 1946 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0193 George Murphy Burns And Allen Virgnia Obrien. May 1, 1946 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0195 Fred Mac Murray Yvonne De Carlo. May 15, 1946 (Wednesday)
Mail Call 1947 Cathy Downs Victor Borge Johnny Green. ---
Mail Call - e0231 Gloria De Haven. Jan 22, 1947 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0320 King Sisters Betty Grable Orson Welles. Oct 13, 1948 (Wednesday)
Mail Call - e0340 Jo Stafford Danny Thomas Francis Gifford. Apr 25, 1949 (Monday)
Mail Call 194X Cathy Downs Jack Benny Chico Marx(LQ). ---

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