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Listing of "Movie Promos-02"

Title Show Date File Size
57 movie trailers broadcast on radio most are 5 to 15 minutes long encoded at 64kbps.m ---
MGM - Slightly Dangerous Promo Victor Borge.m Apr 12, 1943 (Monday)
Movie Preview - Irene ( Ver01) Ray Milland.m ---
Movie Preview - Irene ( Ver02)( Scratched Master) Ray Milland.m ---
Movie Preview - The House I Live In Frank Sinatra.m Sep 19, 1945 (Wednesday)
Movie Preview - Bells of St. Marys Bing Crosby.m ---
Movie Preview - Three Musketeers Lana Turner.m ---
Movie Preview Blooper - The Caddy Dean Martin Jerry Lewis.m ---
Movie Promo - This Is The Army Jimmy Durante.m ---
Movie Score - Spellbound.m ---
Paramount Is On The Air - Torch Singer.m ---
Paramount Movie Parade - Design For Living.m ---
Paramount Movie Parade - Duck Soup Marx Bros.m ---
Paramount Movie Parade - Girl without a Room.m ---
Paramount Movie Parade - She Made Her Bed.m Mar 4, 1934 (Sunday)
Paramount Movie Parade - Wharf Angel.m Mar 11, 1934 (Sunday)
Paramount Movie Parade - Search for Beauty.m ---
Paramount Movie Parade - The Trumpet Blows.m ---
Paramount Preview - Too Much Harmony.m ---
Paramount Preview - College Rhythm.m ---
Paramount Preview - In Caliente.m ---
Paramount Preview - Roberta.m ---
Paramount Preview - College Holiday.m ---
Paramount Preview - Artists and Models.m ---
Paramount Preview - Big Broadcast of 1937.m ---
Paramount Preview - Champagne Waltz.m ---
Paramount Preview - Double or Nothing.m ---
Paramount Preview - High Wide and Handsome.m ---
Paramount Preview - Mountain Music Bob Burns Martha Raye.m ---
Paramount Preview - This Way Please Fibber Mc Gee And Molly.m ---
Paramount Preview - Big Broadcast of 1938.m ---
Paramount Preview - Coconut Grove.m ---
Paramount Preview - Man About Town Jack Benny.m ---
Paramount Preview - Starmaker.m ---
Paramount Preview - Love Thy Neighbor Jack Benny Fred Allen.m ---
Paramount Preview - Northwest Mounted Police.m ---
Paramount Preview - Mr Bugs Goes to Town.m ---
Paramount Preview - Fleet's In.m ---
Paramount Preview - I Married An Angel Jeanette Mac Donald Nelson Eddy.m ---
Paramount Preview - Bring On The Girls V Lake S Tufts E Bracken.m ---
Paramount Preview - Blue Dahlia (ver01) Alan Ladd Veronica Lake.m ---
Paramount Preview - Blue Dahlia (ver02) Alan Ladd Veronica Lake.m ---
Paramount Preview - Blue Dahlia (ver03) Alan Ladd Veronica Lake.m ---
Paramount Preview - Blue Dahlia (ver04) Alan Ladd Veronica Lake.m ---
Paramount Preview - Monsieur Beaucaire Bob Hope.m ---
Paramount Preview - Golden Earring Ray Milland Marlene Dietrich.m ---
Promo Disc - Perils Of Pauline Interview Answers Only Betty Hutton.m ---
RKO Preview - Gay Divorcee.m ---
RKO Preview - New Faces of 1937 w/J Penner M Berle&H Hillard.m ---
RKO Preview - Sunny Salute To Jerome Kern.m ---
RKO Preview - Cornered w/Dick Powel.m Feb 27, 1946 (Wednesday)
RKO Preview - Trail Street.m ---
Warner Bros Preview - Dames Joan Blondell Dick Powell Ruby Keeler.m ---
Warner Bros Preview - Harold Teen Hal Le Roy Rochelle Hudson.m ---
Warner Bros Preview - Twenty Million Sweethearts Ginger Rogers.m ---
Warner Bros Preview - Go into Your Dance Al Jolson Ruby Keebler.m ---
Warner Bros Preview - Golddiggers of 1935 Dick Powell Adolphe Menjou.m ---
Warner Bros Preview - Shipmates Forever Dick Powell Ruby Keeler.m ---

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