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Listing of "Mystery House"

Title Show Date File Size
30 half hour shows of mystery from Mystery House Publishing Each show was a short adaptation of a.m ---
novel acted out by the publishing company staff -.most shows encoded at the HQ encode of 128kbps.m ---
Mystery House - New Lease on Death Aug 19, 1945 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Death at Deadline Aug 26, 1945 (Sunday)
Mystery House - A Short Life For Mary Sep 2, 1945 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Malice in Wonderland Sep 9, 1945 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Complete With Quartet Sep 16, 1945 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Well, Well, Another Body Sep 23, 1945 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Death House Blues Oct 7, 1945 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Danger Man At Bay Oct 14, 1945 (Sunday)
Mystery House - A Case of Homicide Oct 28, 1945 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Murder in Paradise Nov 4, 1945 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Nothing But The Proof Jan 27, 1946 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Death Passed My Window Mar 31, 1946 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Sub Rosa Justice Apr 7, 1946 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Laugh I Thought I'd Die Apr 14, 1946 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Murder Takes Practice Apr 21, 1946 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Death with a Punch Apr 28, 1946 (Sunday)
Mystery House - The Composite Killer May 5, 1946 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Murder Me Gently May 12, 1946 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Murder Is an Accident May 19, 1946 (Sunday)
Mystery House - Bury Me Not May 26, 1946 (Sunday)
Mystery House - A Killing in the Market May 31, 1946 (Friday)
Mystery House - Murder Hires a Hall Jun 7, 1946 (Friday)
Mystery House - Bases Loaded Jun 14, 1946 (Friday)
Mystery House - Time to Kill Jun 21, 1946 (Friday)
Mystery House - Dagger in the Dark Jul 5, 1946 (Friday)
Mystery House - A Vacation from Murder Jul 12, 1946 (Friday)
Mystery House - Drop Me a Line Jul 26, 1946 (Friday)
Mystery House - Operation Murder Aug 2, 1946 (Friday)
Mystery House - Murder Is an Art Aug 9, 1946 (Friday)
Mystery House Death in the Saddle (LQ) ---
Mystery House Murder For Laughs (LQ) ---
Mystery House Sauce For The Goose (LQ) ---
Mystery House The Thirsty Death w/Bela Lugosi ---

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