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Listing of "Rogues Gallery Complete"

Title Show Date File Size
All 28 shows that are known to exist and unusual crime drama starring.m ---
Dick Powell and later Paul Stewart.m ---
some are encoded at the higher quality of 64 and 128 kbps.m ---
Rogues Gallery - Mc Donald Murder Case.m Jun 23, 1945 (Saturday)
Rogues Gallery - Angela Mullens.m Jul 14, 1945 (Saturday)
Rogues Gallery - Blondes Prefer Gentlemen.m Oct 4, 1945 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - Murder In Drawing Room (AFRS) (MP).m Oct 11, 1945 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - Murder With Muriel.m Oct 25, 1945 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - Little Drops Of Rain.m Nov 8, 1945 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - House Of Fear.m Nov 15, 1945 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - Little Old Lady.m Nov 29, 1945 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - Blood On The Sand( Dude Ranch).m Dec 13, 1945 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - Fortune In Furs.m Dec 20, 1945 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - Murder At Minden(A Case That Pays Money).m Jan 3, 1946 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - Supiicious Will( Pamela Leedsl).m Jan 17, 1946 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - Murder Under the Big Top( Carlotta).m Jan 31, 1946 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - The Alibi Master ( Clark Ames).m Feb 21, 1946 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - Favor For A Condemned Man( Death House).m Apr 4, 1946 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - The Message.m Apr 11, 1946 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - Mystery At The Ski Resort( Hermit).m May 9, 1946 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - The Impossible Murder ( Judge Baker).m May 16, 1946 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - 49 The Latin Type (MP).m May 23, 1946 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - Blue Eyes.m May 30, 1946 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - Weekend Guest( Patricia Flynn).m Jun 6, 1946 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - Redhaired Stranger( Joe Dale).m Jun 13, 1946 (Thursday)
Rogues Gallery - Star Of Savoy ( Mc Donald)( Rehearsal).m Jun 23, 1946 (Sunday)
Rogues Gallery - Lady With A Gun( Mr Webb)(rehearsal).m Jun 30, 1946 (Sunday)
Rogues Gallery - Janice Cole Cabin On The Lake)(rehearsal).m Jul 7, 1946 (Sunday)
Rogues Gallery - Where Theres A Will( Angela Mullins)(rehearsal).m Jul 14, 1946 (Sunday)
Rogues Gallery - Phyliss Adrian Is Missing .m Jun 29, 1947 (Sunday)
Rogues Gallery 1951 The Janice Kroll Murder.m ---

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