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Listing of "Shell Chateau And Show-02"

Title Show Date File Size
A hour long musical variety radio series heard on NBC. ---
from 1935 to 1937 hosted by Al Jolson. ---
This disc has 14 shows most encoded at the higher quality of 128 kbps. ---
The two disc collection contains a total of 27 shows. ---
Shell Chateau - The Finger Of God June Marlowe. Sep 21, 1935 (Saturday)
Shell Chateau - Final Program Ginger Rogers. Sep 28, 1935 (Saturday)
Shell Chateau - Guest Wallace Beery. Oct 12, 1935 (Saturday)
Shell Chateau - Guest Chester Morris. Nov 9, 1935 (Saturday)
Shell Chateau - Guest Judy Garland. Nov 16, 1935 (Saturday)
Shell Chateau - Guest Mickey Rooney. Nov 23, 1935 (Saturday)
Shell Chateau - Guest Deanna Durbin. Dec 28, 1935 (Saturday)
Shell Chateau - Guest Cab Calloway. Jan 25, 1936 (Saturday)
Shell Show - Joe Chats With Betty Boop. Jan 16, 1937 (Saturday)
Shell Show - Rube Goldberg And the Happiness Bpys . Jan 23, 1937 (Saturday)
Shell Show - George O Brien Impersonations Hildegarde. Feb 6, 1937 (Saturday)
Shell Show - Efrem Zimbalist And Roy Atwell. Feb 13, 1937 (Saturday)
Shell Show - Walter Hampton Baseball Player Connie Mack. May 29, 1937 (Saturday)
Shell Show - Guest Sonja Henie. Oct 16, 1937 (Saturday)

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