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Listing of "That Hammer Guy And That Strong Guy"

Title Show Date File Size
13 episodes Based of the Mickey Spillane series, Larry Haines stars as Mike Hammer.m ---
7 episodes of That Strong Guy about Private Eye Steve Strong.m ---
Please note that these are rare recordings and the quality is not that great.m ---
That Hammer Guy - The Florentine Dagger.m Mar 24, 1953 (Tuesday)
That Hammer Guy - There's Something About a Dame.m Mar 31, 1953 (Tuesday)
That Hammer Guy - Sophisticated Lady ( Saddle Shoes).m Apr 7, 1953 (Tuesday)
That Hammer Guy - The Laura Fenton Case.m Apr 14, 1953 (Tuesday)
That Hammer Guy - A Peppery Adventure( Contract Pete Morrison.m Apr 21, 1953 (Tuesday)
That Hammer Guy - What You Don't Know About Dames.m Apr 28, 1953 (Tuesday)
That Hammer Guy - Mike Hammer Sees Red ( Veldas Brother-no open).m Jun 2, 1953 (Tuesday)
That Hammer Guy 1954 Jim Gordon - Suicide or Murder.m ---
That Hammer Guy 1954 Some Kind of Satisfaction.m ---
That Hammer Guy 1954 Who's Got the Last Laugh.m ---
That Hammer Guy - The More You Kill the Simpler It Gets.m Apr 20, 1954 (Tuesday)
That Hammer Guy - A Dead Dame in Central Park.m Apr 27, 1954 (Tuesday)
That Hammer Guy Bill Matusek.m ---
That Strong Guy e018 Temple of Horror.m ---
That Strong Guy e020 Bottle of Death.m ---
That Strong Guy e022 Fighter.m ---
That Strong Guy e024 Trapeze Artist.m ---
That Strong Guy e026 Paper Chase.m ---
That Strong Guy e030 Tony on Parole.m ---
That Strong Guy e034 King Midas.m ---

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