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Listing of "Uncle Josh And Uncle Jimmy-01"

Title Show Date File Size
Uncle Josh is Cal Stewart and these are his monologues presented on Edison Diamond discs from 1899 to the 1920s.m ---
The Adventures Of Uncle Jimmy is serial radio drama starring William Farnum.mp ---
100 files most encoded at the higher quality of 64 thru 192kbps.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e031.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e032.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e033.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e034.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e035.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e036.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e037.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e038.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e040.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e042.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e043.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e044.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e045.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e046.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e051.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e052.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e053.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e054.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e055.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e056.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e069.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e070.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e071.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e072.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e073.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e074.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e075.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e076.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e079.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e080.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e081.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e082.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e085.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e086.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e088.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e089.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e090.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e091.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e092.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e093.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e094.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e095.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e096.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e097.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e098.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e099.m ---
Uncle Jimmy e100.m ---
Uncle Josh #0008 I'm Old, But I'm Awfully Tough (1899).m ---
Uncle Josh #0009 At The Circus (1899).m ---
Uncle Josh #0010 In A Museum (1899).m ---
Uncle Josh #0012 In Society (1901).m ---
Uncle Josh #0013 Jim Lawson's Horse Trade (1901).m ---
Uncle Josh #0014 The Lightning Rod Salesman (1901).m ---
Uncle Josh #0015 In A Chinese Laundry (1901).m ---
Uncle Josh #0016 In A Department Store (1901).m ---
Uncle Josh #0017 On A Bicyle (1901).m ---
Uncle Josh #0018 At The Opera (1901).m ---
Uncle Josh #0019 The Trip To Boston (1901).m ---
Uncle Josh #0025 A Meeting Of School Directors (1903).m ---
Uncle Josh #0026 A Visit To New York (1903).m ---
Uncle Josh #0027 On An Automobile (1903).m ---
Uncle Josh #0028 Playing Baseball (1903).m ---
Uncle Josh #0029 And Then I Laughed (1904).m ---
Uncle Josh #0030 Evening Time At Punkin Center 1904).m ---
Uncle Josh #0031 The Courtship Of Uncle Josh and Aunt Nancy (1904).m ---
Uncle Josh #0033 The Fire Department (1904).m ---
Uncle Josh #0037 Christmas Time At Punkin Center (1905).m ---
Uncle Josh #0044 Wedding of Uncle Josh & Aunt Nancy (1919).m ---
Uncle Josh #0045 The Labor Union (1907).m ---
Uncle Josh #0046 At The Bug House (1907).m ---
Uncle Josh #0047 Uncle Josh Joins The Grangers (1907).m ---
Uncle Josh #0048 Uncle Josh Plays Santa Claus (1907).m ---
Uncle Josh #0049 The Letter From Home (1907).m ---
Uncle Josh #0051 Last Day Of School (1908).m ---
Uncle Josh #0052 The Photographer (1908).m ---
Uncle Josh #0054 Trouble In A Hotel (1908).m ---
Uncle Josh #0056 Uncle Josh in New York (1909).m ---
Uncle Josh #0057 On a Fifth Avenue Bus (1909).m ---
Uncle Josh #0059 The Trip To The Dentist (1909).m ---
Uncle Josh #0060 Uncle Josh and the Billikin (1909).m ---
Uncle Josh #0062 Playing Golf (1909).m ---
Uncle Josh #0063 The New Year's Pledge (1909).m ---
Uncle Josh #0065 Fourth Of July At Punkin Center (1911).m ---
Uncle Josh #0068 The Village Gossips (1912).m ---
Uncle Josh #0069 Buying An Automobile (1912).m ---
Uncle Josh #0071 Uncle Josh Keeps House (1913).m ---
Uncle Josh #0076 At A Roller Skating Rink (1915).m ---
Uncle Josh #0077 War Talk At Punkin Center (1915).m ---
Uncle Josh #0078 The Huskin Bee Dance.m ---
Uncle Josh #0080 The Opera House At Punkin Center.m ---
Uncle Josh #0081 Ticklish Reuben.m ---
Uncle Josh #0082 Uncle Josh Buys A Victrola.m ---
Uncle Josh #0083 The County Fair At Punkin Center.m ---
Uncle Josh #0084 I Laughed At The Wrong Time.m ---
Uncle Josh #0085 In A Cafeteria.m ---
Uncle Josh #0087 Uncle Josh Has His Photo Taken.m ---
Uncle Josh #0088 In The Barber Shop.m ---
Uncle Josh #0089 Putting Up The Kitchen Stove.m ---
Uncle Josh #0090 Taking The Census.m ---
Uncle Josh #0093 The Chautauqa at Punkin Creek.m ---

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