Click on the radio to download the Zip file. You will need a copy of WINZIP installed to decompress the file. If you don't have that you can get that here for free:http://www.winzip.com. All these versions support playlists.

The photos for some of the models below were taken by The Classic Radio Gallery which offers along with it's beautiful gallery, schematics and Service Data available for most US made radios (1920s through the '50s - and some transistors)

JukeBox Player auto-otr6.zip- 1.2MbThe actual JukeBox autorun is larger and animated without the words JIVE popping up.

Special Christmas Player auto-xmas.zip - 1.2Mb

General Electric K85 Floormodel auto-otr4.zip - 755Kb

1937 Fada Model 351 auto-otr3.zip - 947Kb This model also includes a special 3 network tuning soundwave (NBC Chimes,Mutual and CBS)

1938 Emerson auto-otr2.zip - 770Kb

Atwater Kent Cathedral version: auto-otr1.zip - 788Kb


When you decompress the file be sure to check the box that says "use folder names." This will make the files extract into a directory called "CDROOT". You can store this anywhere on your hard drive until you are ready to burn the CD. You can try the program out, it will work on your desktop too. The file to execute the program is AUTORUN.EXE.

The contents of CDROOT will contain a directory of a few files called "bin" and 3 files called "autorun..."

When you burn the files into your CD, make sure only the files contained in the directory CDROOT are on the disk. Do not copy the directory CDROOT onto the CD. You want the file called autorun in the root of the CD file system. Assuming that the H: Drive is your CD drive: the file system should look like the window on the right side of this picture.

You can burn all your MP3 files in the root directory if you want or have them in their own directory. In the root directory, they will be easier to access.

Let us know what you think! 
AutoRun-Where to place your file