OTRNow Collector Tools

Here's a neat little program you can burn into your OTR MP3 CD that allows you to play the shows easily on an old radio that pops up on you screen when you stick the CD in your computer.

The OTRCD Autorun radio pictured below is the perfect tool to simplify playing your MP3 CD's on your computer. It also is great when you give a CD to others, because popping the CD in automatically loads the player onto the screen, and you can "tune" into your favorite program. This program is a lot easier to use then most power tools out there.

*on other models, the controls are in similar locations.

And guess what? It's FREE! (Radio shows not included.) It can also work on your desktop if you want, it has a built in MP3 player.

We have 6 models available! 5 radios and a Jukebox! To get the program and the easy instructions to install it: Click Here.

The photos for 4 models were taken by The Classic Radio Gallery which offers along with it's beautiful gallery, schematics and Service Data available for most US made radios (1920s through the '50s - and some transistors)